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Qingdao Xingrunda Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

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365bet体育投注正规Qingdao xingrunda sealing material co., LTD., which was founded in 1990, is a manufacturer of expandable graphite and the processing and research of related products. Due to the high quality of our products, coupled with rich experience and technology, we have more than 10 years of cooperation with famous graphite enterprises at home and abroad. With the development of society and technology, our company relies on mature expanded graphite and extended products.

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Graphite product center
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    Fire retardant coating

    Fire retardant coati
    Our company produces special graphite for fireproof paint with good water solubi 【more】

    High expansion rate of graphite

    High expansion rate
    High expansion ratio has high requirements for raw materials and technologies. O 【more】

    Fire foam board

    Fire foam board
    Graphite for fireproof foam board is free of impurities, high expansion ratio, h 【more】

    Fire seal

    Fire seal
    Special graphite for fireproof sealing strip requires high expansion ratio and n 【more】

    Graphite paper

    Graphite paper
    Particle size of expandable graphite for graphite paper is 80%, ph value is neut 【more】

    Low temperature expanded graphite

    Low temperature expa
    Low temperature expansion graphite starting temperature is 130 ℃, 600 ℃ when t 【more】

    Special graphite paper

    Special graphite pap
    Special graphite paper mainly contains ultra-thin, ultra-thick, high density, hi 【more】

    Low sulphur/sulphur-free graphite paper

    Low sulphur/sulphur-
    The sulfur content of low sulfur flexible graphite coil is less than 600ppm. 【more】

    Conventional graphite paper

    Conventional graphit
    Conventional stone paper is mainly used for winding gaskets and composite stone 【more】

    Graphite for graphite milk

    Graphite for graphit
    Graphite for graphite milk, graphite particles are uniform, no impurities, not e 【more】

    Carbon brush graphite

    Carbon brush graphit
    Good lubrication performance, low trace elements, less abrasion resistance, less 【more】

    Powder metallurgy & graphite for casting

    Powder metallurgy &
    Under high temperature conditions, it has special anti-oxidation, self-lubricati 【more】

    Synthetic diamond high purity graphite

    Synthetic diamond hi
    Artificial diamond requires high purity of stone, low impurity and high proporti 【more】

    Battery high purity graphite

    Battery high purity
    Nickel metal hydride battery powder: high purity, excellent conductivity, low di 【more】

    Industrial high purity graphite

    Industrial high puri
    Due to its stable chemistry, it is not affected by strong acid and alkali, less 【more】

    Refractory flake graphite

    Refractory flake gra
    Graphite has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resist 【more】

    Friction industry flake graphite

    Friction industry fl
    The special graphite powder for friction material is combined with the character 【more】

    Mechanically cast flake graphite

    Mechanically cast fl
    After further processing, flake graphite can also produce high - tech products s 【more】

    Forging demoulder

    Forging demoulder
    Greatly reduce the friction and wear of forgings and molds; Improve the quality 【more】


    Greatly reduce the friction and wear of forgings and molds; Improve the quality 【more】

    Forging demoulder

    Forging demoulder
    Greatly reduce the friction and wear of forgings and molds; Improve the quality 【more】


Graphite professional services
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Still worried that the product is not suitable for your company's production needs? Worried about not choosing cost-effective products? Worried that the selected product quality is unstable?

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